USA and Canada

USA and Canada

Over the years we have assisted several CPA firms on all accounting processes driving cost savings. Our accounting and taxation outsourcing services have enabled our clients to grow and increase their productivity especially across functions like finance, accounts or payroll processing.
Our Services in the US range from

  • Book-Keeping Accounting and Finalization
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Sales Tax
  • Financial Reporting
  • Payroll Processing


At Remote Global Accountant we ensure 100 % accuracy in maintaining the books as well preparation of the book to your needs ensuring greater efficiency. Our Expertise to ability to work on any software ensures a guaranteed client satisfaction.

Our Book-Keeping Services Include
  • Data Entry for Bank, Credit Card & Loan Statements
  • General Ledger Reviews
  • Year End Adjustment for Depreciation, Loan Balance, Payroll, Out of Pocket Expenses etc. Finalization of Books of A/C for preparing Business Return
  • Expenses etc. Finalization of Books of A/C for preparing Business Return


We assist accounting firms in preparation of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements including Income & Expenditure Statement, Balance Sheet, & Cash Flow Statement. Our dedicated team ensures an error free financial reporting system enabling CPA’s to concentrate on their core competencies.

Our areas of Expertise include:
  • Individual Return (Form 1040)
  • Corporate Returns (Form 1120, 1120S)
  • Partnership Return (Form 1065)


We offer end to end payroll solutions to CPA firms in US. Our team of trained professionals takes the complete responsibility of client’s pay roll management answering all queries as well as adhering to all the compliance’s.

Our Payroll Services include:
  • Processing of Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly Payroll from time sheet
  • Calculation of net pay checks
  • Calculation of Federal, State taxes for Employer & Employees
  • Preparing Quarterly and Annual Payroll Returns
  • End of the Year W-2’s & W-3 Preparation
  • Year End Form 1099-Misc Processing
  • Filling of the State Payroll Form online
  • Making Federal & State Estimates Taxes payment online


Filing for Sales Tax is a time consuming and labor intensive task especially in peak season it can affect the efficiency of CPA firms. Our expertise in sales task filing enable CPA firm to reduce their work load and ensure error free sales tax filing.

Our Sales Tax services for CPA’s include:
  • Computation of Sales Tax
  • Online Filling of the Final Sales Tax Returns

Accounts Payable (AP)

It states the accounting that shows company liability to pay off an interim debit to its creditors or suppliers. It indicates on balance sheet under ongoing accountability. Accounts payable also describes a business division or administration that is culpable for making payments overdue by company to creditors or suppliers.

Companies have to submit with administrative requirements that are quite complex, besides trying to accomplish the maximum possible value from disbursement and to shorten costs as far as possible. Higher business intelligence, better service levels, better controls and lower amount of processing can be achieved through automated systems based on business rules. Remote Global Accountants is flexible and innovative accounts payable accounting services offer customers the ability to convert their processes for accounts payable into such a system.

We offer these AP services:-

  • Credit and debit notes preparation wherever required
  • Preservation of records for accounts payable
  • Vendor account statements preparation
  • Examination of unbilled supplies, open PO commitments
  • Summary provision of amounts by vendor bills
  • Supplier price analysis and purchase history

Accounts Receivable (AR)

Accounts Receivable (AR) is the revenue or payment which the company will receive from its customers/clients who have redeemed its goods & services on credit. Mostly, the credit period is short ranging from few days to months or in some cases maybe a year.

In today's business world, outsourcing accounts receivable services have become popular, as cash flow is of ultimate priority in every enterprise. Generally, the business' performance becomes more certain when collections and cash flows are timely. But companies have to assure that they acquire the maximum profit from the amount they invest on managing their receivables. Remote Global Accountants provide accounts receivable outsourcing services that improve compilation, along with the company's lifecycle from order to cash.
Our accounts receivable exertion is in conformity with the best proceedings and delivers persistent analysis, automation, reporting, improved intelligence and flexibility.

We offer these AR services:-

  • Preparation of bills
  • Managing receivable transactions into accounting system
  • Recording and account for revenue
  • Delivering of credit memos and refund checks sanctioned by clients
  • Maintaining subsidiary receivables ledgers
  • Preparing and conveying periodic statements
  • Bringing out process modification approved by client
  • AR deductions management services
  • Managing AR reports

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