Recruitment and Staffing Services

What you can expect from Outsource UK's RPO

Our RPO services are designed to make you an employer of choice in any market

A good and efficient RPO service is entirely strategic.

Our processes are handcrafted for you, tailored to your business and handled by our proven, dependable team.

You trust us to attract, select and retain the permanent talent that your strategic business needs demand, whilst staying true to your values and culture.

Why do companies use Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Attract the best people

With the race for talent becoming more competitive than ever before, you need to look at underutilised channels to attract the best people. We have experience of working with customers to unlock the value in their brand and develop workflows to attract previously ignored talent, which can neatly integrate with your inclusion and diversity goals.

Our technology solutions also make sure your hiring plans are inclusive, targeted and on brand, giving your business the edge over your competitors.

Trust us to do the hiring for you

Getting your resource planning strategy and talent implementation right takes expertise, time and money. Trust us to do it for you.

Your business completely or partially outsources your permanent recruitment services to Outsource UK. This can include everything from workforce planning and talent mapping, through to support with talent attraction and employer branding. You get a dedicated, expert-led delivery and marketing team and our specialist technology to optimise processes, along with our high-quality Inclusion subject matter experts.

What are the benefits of RPO?

Hiring permanent staff on a regular basis? Our RPO makes financial, structural, and strategic sense for long-term hiring.
Short-term peak in hiring demand? We can develop a project-based RPO then scale up and down relative to your hiring demands.
Do you need to improve your talent attraction and retention? We work with you to deliver your EVP and candidate experience in the right way to attract your new hires and keep them engaged.
Do you fulfill your inclusion and diversity goals? Our teams listen to your needs and craft specialist hiring plans to support your vision.

We facilitate workforce planning to help you stay ahead, ensuring you have access to the talent you need in the short, medium, and long-term.

We build structures within your business that are adaptable to any situation, scaling teams up or down whenever necessary.

With streamlined processes, better candidate engagement, and a culturally aligned delivery team, we create better, more consistent candidate experiences. Your HR team is freed up to concentrate on their key strategic goals.

Reduce your hiring costs

How does Recruitment Process Outsourcing reduce costs?

An RPO solution is one of the most effective ways for you to reduce your acquisition spend, especially when recruiting for hard-to-fill roles.

  • We take on the risk of managing fluctuating talent needs, making sure you have the right amount of resource dedicated to your recruitment needs when you require them.
  • Hiring new staff takes a lot of time and effort. We reduce your time to hire and manage the pipeline so you don’t waste money and resources.
  • We optimise your cost per hire. We work with you to iron out inefficient processes across your business, making it frictionless, fit for purpose and cost-efficient.
  • We help you utilise your brand to attract candidates to your business, avoiding unnecessary recruitment fees.

 Helping you manage your EVP

By championing your brand, we set realistic expectations to ensure that candidates are bought into you as a business and a culture, reducing attrition. We build brand advocacy into relevant talent communities through dedicated consultants and access to marketing services.

Need fast access to top talent?

A strong understanding of your business and a data-driven, overarching view of your workforce ensures that the right resources are acquired at the right time and through the right channels.

Outsourcing through us means competitive commercials, increased direct delivery rates and strategic cost-saving exercises. We also handcraft talent pools to ensure that when a role is created or becomes vacant, there’s a ready-made shortlist ready to join you.